App template: Project planning (hours basis)

Project Planning (hours basis) template
This template plans hours needed for projects (using tasks allocated to consultants) and compares to hours available by consultant to drive capacity planning and utilization on both a consultant and role (each consultant is allocated a role) basis. The template provides for unallocated hours categories with easy and flexible modeling of (full/part time, subcontract, temporary) hiring planning to meet demand.

Quick walkthrough:
1-Use configure time to set your time range, fiscal calendar details. While configuring time, check working days, hours and adjustment to set your working calendar and use the Availability flag to model % availability by role (e.g. a training role may only be available 50% time as rest is in support/classroom updating and preparation activities).

2-Input consultants availability by consultant from the standard working calendar. Adjustments include:
-Apply the Availability type (pick the flag, applies the % by role).
-Vacation, Training and other hours adjustments.
Replace with your consultants, group into teams and add additional adjustments as needed.
All dimensions and measures can be customized, renamed and expanded.

3-Input by project details.
Select each project and allocate the tasks to consultants with hours. Update with your project and task dimensions.

There are a number of table views that pivot the table from data entry-friendly to report and chart views by time, project, task and consultant dimensions.

4-Role capacity compares hours booked to available by consultant role to report demand, capacity, gaps and utilization.

5-Consultant capacity compares hours booked to available for by each consultant to report demand, capacity, gaps and utilization.

Options to expand include:
-Add and compare Versions.
-Additional measures for modeling time and expanding to add billable rates.
-Additional dimensions to segment (project types, customers).

Checkout this video walkthrough:

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