App template: Quota by rep

Quota by rep template
Use the Quota by rep template for quota analytics and planning for your sales team. Update with your rep details (name, start date, rep type), their team structure, and then set your quotas, adjustments to produce the standard and allocated quota by rep, rep type and team for your time range.

Quick walkthrough:
1-Use configure time to set your time range, fiscal calendar details.

2-Update the reps, their details and team structure in the Sales rep details dashboard. Here you can:
-Add new reps start dates, leavers end dates.
-Drag and drop to reorganize.
-Update the team structure with new teams and add summary levels (e.g. Team A and Team B report into Americas, Team C and Team D into Rest of World, though to All Sales teams).
-Update effective dates for reps roles for changes, promotions and transfers.
-Allocate a Sales rep, quotas are set by type.
-Track role impact to count new hires, transfers, promotions and leavers.

All dimensions and measures can be customized, renamed and expanded.

Below the Rep details table, update standard quotas by rep type (apply a forecast/coverage adjustment) and ramp times in months to full quota for new hires. Add your own roles.

Finally, this dashboard has a Rep workings table that displays all the details by rep and team by month, quarter.

3-Import actual provides a simple starting point. Get this data from your CRM (in these columns) and import for comparison.


4-The Summary dashboard contains reports and charts for quota and headcount impact. Add a Version 2 (and then 3, 4…) to compare different hiring plans and quota assumptions.

Options to expand include:
-Additional measures for modeling quota beyond standard input + forecast adjustment/coverage.
-Additional dimensions to segment (customers, segments like vertical, new business v customer success).

Checkout this video walkthrough:

Get the Quota by rep template:

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