App template: Sales capacity

Sales capacity template
This template provides a quick analysis of sales target v capacity. Capacity comparisons are based on allocated quota and prior year sales performance x the number of reps (taking into account new hire ramping and leaving reps).

Quick walkthrough:
1 - In the Configure dashboard, check the time range and calendar. To start the template runs Jan 2022 to Dec 2024. Extend, change it as needed.

2-Input (last year) history dashboard:
-Enter starting reps (all assumed to be fully ramped) at the start of the time range.
-Set the new hire ramp (up to 12 months, applies to all reps).
-In Sales performance enter the sales and quota for last year, and sales team new hires and leavers.

3-Input targets dashboard:
-Enter sales target, quota and quota adjustment (allowance for coverage) with planned new hires and leavers (model attrition).

4-Summary dashboards
-Display tables and charts to review projections based on the driver Reps using ramp basis x allocated quota (the quota per rep after quota adjustment) or last years sales per head.
-There are 2 versions (Version 1 and 2). Add new, delete old, compare.

Options to expand include:
-Add a team dimension (e.g. perform based on a segment, like Enterprise and MidMarket sales teams, or primary Product groups, or geo-based teams).

Checkout this video walkthrough:

Get the Sales capacity template: Sales Capacity Planning Template