Arithmix Functions: IF (conditional logic IF THEN ELSE)

What is it?
Use IF for conditional logic (like a traditional IF THEN ELSE) to compare one measure against another and then perform an action. You can nest IF (for multi-step conditionals) and combine with other functions.

Comparisons include <, >, <=, >= and ==.
Note: “==” in Arithmix is currently used versus “=” (equals) in a spreadsheet.

How to write it?
Fx layout: = IF((Table.MeasureA>=Table.MeasureB), Table.MeasureC, Table.MeasureD)

Example = IF(Sales rep.Rep tenure in months>12),Rep drivers.Rep ramp, 1)
Will result in the sales reps ramp (representing an adjustment based on their initial period in a new role) being 1 (100%) if the rep’s tenure exceeds 12 or a driver called Rep ramp (e.g. 10%, 50%) if less than 12.

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