Arithmix Functions: LOOKUPEQ (lookup a measure in a source table based on a measure and dimension in this table)

What is it?
LOOKUPEQ (our equivalent to the traditional LOOKUP) will find a target measure (may be value, date or name) based on (1) a source measure (the basis of the lookup, a value, date of name) and (2) a dimension used to compare to the source measure and find the target measure value. You can combine LOOKUPEQ with other functions.

How to write it?
Fx layout: = LOOKUPEQ(Table.Measure1,Table.Measure2,Dimension1)

Example1 = LOOKUPEQ(Rep workings.Rep tenure,Rep tenure drivers.Attainment based on tenure,Rep teure drivers.Tenure in months.index.Tenure)
Will result in an attainment value (e.g. %) based on this rep’s tenure using a standard tenure in months (in the Rep tenure drivers table).

Example2 = LOOKUPEQ(Fixed asset calculations.Fixed asset type,Fixed asset assumptions.Depreciation rate),Fixed asset assumptions.Fixed asset types)
Will result in the depreciation rate from the assumption table, based on this asset’s asset type.

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