Handling the time dimension

Hi guys,

I hope this is the right place to post this?

My data is dimensioned at day but I would like to just see the months in the columns - and to be able to filter/select on the year so I can see one year at a time.

How would I go about that?



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Hi Christian,

First of all welcome to the Arithmix community!

To just see months you can right click on the Time dimension and select ‘Display’

Then in the display panel you can choose which ‘levels’ of time you want to select. In your case you can untick the ‘date’ and ‘weeks’ options as in the screenshot below so you get a easier view.

To see one year at a time you can use the filter ‘quicklink’ in the top left hand corner:


and set the filter on date

Some other tips and tricks that might be useful. You can filter empty rows and columns using the ‘Filter Empty’ functionality found in the menu at the top of the table which also might help you to get a cleaner view of your data.

Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy to help!



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Hi Vincent,

Thanks that was very helpful.

Having said that, when I set the filter on Date this is what I got:

Not sure why that is?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Christian,

I’ve managed to reproduce this issue when filtering at the aggregate level Year.
The good news is its already fixed in our development environment, we just need to get that fix deployed. Will report back once we have.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hey Christian,

It took a little longer than expected, but the fix is now deployed.

Thanks for raising this issue, Let us know how you get on.