How to: Add a summary level to a dimension

When you have a dimension which is a list of items such as products, locations or people, you will often want a total item.
In Arithmix, it is really easy to add a total, and there is no need to write any formulas to make it work.

Your summary level is created and by default is the sum of the existing items in the dimension.

It will be named All followed by the name of the dimension but you can rename it to anything you wish.

By default your total item will display the sum of its children.

However you can choose a different summary method if you need one.

Right click your measure and choose Summarize

We could show the maximum or minimum. Click the drop arrow beside Sum to see the other methods available
Expand each group to see all possible methods

You can choose how to display the dimension in your table. Right click the dimension and choose Display

This menu allows you to control which levels of your dimension are displayed. You can choose list or tree view with your total item displayed above or below its children.

Super useful post Jen! Looking forward to trying this out.

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