How to: Make a Percentage Profile from Data Values

When modelling you often want to split a value across a dimension according to an existing data pattern.


Split an entertainment budget of $1000 per month across Departments in accordance with Headcount

You can turn your headcount values into a percentage profile using this formula

Headcount Profile =
Department Metrics.Headcount / SUMBY(Department Metrics.Headcount,Departments)

The formula takes the Headcount value for each department and divides it by the total headcount for all departments.

Use the Style menu from right click to set the number of decimal places you require

and the Format menu to show the % symbol.

Finally the profile makes no sense in the aggregate time periods (Q1 2022 etc) so use the Summarize menu to turn it off for that dimension

Click on Other to locate the Off setting

Now we can use this profile to split our monthly entertainment budget across departments using the profile

The advantage of creating the profile is that you can use it anywhere in the model where you want to split by departmental headcount.