Introduce yourself!

Hi Arithmix fam!

My name’s Dylan and I’m the Director of Marketing here at Arithmix, helping to oversee our Community here.

Let’s get to know each other! In a reply to this topic, share in a few quick bullet points:

  • Your name
  • Where you’re located
  • Your company and role
  • Something you’re hoping to build with Arithmix (so others hoping to build something similar can connect with you!)
  • A fun fact/hobby/interest (if you’re into that sort of thing)

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

I’ll start!

  • My name is Dylan and I’m based out of Washington, DC, in the United States
  • I’m the Director of Marketing here at Arithmix, and I’m a Gartner alum-- but most directly I come here by way of a SaaS product called Youreka (that was recently acquired by Dispatch)
  • Personally, I’m building a sales/marketing funnel, lead attribution tracker, and multivariate ad testing tracker in Arithmix
  • I’m a classically-trained musician and performed at Carnegie Hall as a teen

Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Hi all,

  • My name is Vince and I’m based in London, UK!
  • I work as a Product Manager in Arithmix working on such great features as the new contents panel, and permissions management.
  • I love using Arithmix to investigate data regarding things like the best film categories in Netflix.
  • My favourite hobby is climbing which I do across the world including places like Yosemite, Alps, and many others!

Looking forward to meeting you all and please let me know if you have any product feedback! I would love to hear from you.

Hello everyone!

  • I’m Neil, based out of the bay area in California. After starting my career in FP&A, I’ve worked in the analytics and planning space for a long time with Adaytum, Cognos, Adaptive Insights and Vena
  • I love being part of Arithmix and our vision to deliver an analytics and planning platform that everyone - all teams and functions - can use for free, get super comfortable and then expand to more and more use cases
  • I work with our users - helping them find Arithmix, getting started, understanding the platform and being crazy-good at building apps

Please let me know if I can help you:

Hi All,

  • My name is Sanjeev Agrawal and I’m based in Mumbai, India. I’m the Founder & CEO of Deflytics Consulting - a boutique consulting company specialising in providing EPM services
  • I’m working alongside Arithmix team to provide them feedback about Arithmix product and capabilities as I see a massive business opportunity for Arithmix to breach into the traditional EPM space with an offering that’s cutting edge and very affordable
  • Exploring Arithmix capabilities and intend to custom build few apps by the time Arithmix is ready to go GA

I’m looking forward to connecting with others in the community and learning from each other.



Hi !

My name is Laurent
I’m located in France
I’m a BU manager in a consulting company and implementing EPM/FP&A for a long time !
I hope to build FP&A models for customers in France
My hobbies are composing, writing and producing music !



Hello everyone!

  • I’m Adam, Head of Product at Arithmix.
  • Based just outside of London in the leafy county of Surrey.
  • I love solving our internal problems with Arithmix apps. When I’m not building models or software, I like to build things out of wood!

I’m excited to see what everyone is building!



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Hey Everyone,

  • My name is Kevin and I live in Toronto, Canada.
  • I’ve focused my career for the last several years in Sales Performance Management & Planning (SPM) and Incentive Compensation Management & Planning (ICM)
  • I’ve worked on platforms such as Varicent, IBM,, Xactly, and Anaplan. I also had the privilege to work with the Arithmix team as the platform was being developed.
  • I am a huge advocate of Arithmix and the vision of the platform. It is an amazing platform that truly solves business challenges. There are so many use cases it addresses and there is no other platform on the market like it.
  • So exciting to now be part of the early adopter program
  • I’m currently working on a couple of Marketing planning and budget apps on Arithmix and plan to create some SPM/ICM apps next.

If you are interested in collaborating on any of these apps with me, reach out.

* Email:
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Hi everyone!

  • My name is Rob Hull, and I am based out of Palo Alto, CA and Tahoe City, CA. I am the Executive Chairman at Arithmix.
  • I am the founder of Adaptive Insights which we sold to Workday in 2018. I left in 2020.
  • I am very excited about Arithmix and its Rapid Modeling Platform which I see as clearly differentiated in the following ways:
    • a spreadsheet-like UI where model building is not a separate Admin section
    • models across functions can share a common data structure and data seamlessly
    • dimensionality allows editable, pivotable views with no need to write formulas
    • modular data structures allow shareable templates which provide rapid time to value
    • integration to cloud data sources to enable analysis of any data
    • workflow and collaboration tools to quickly engage team members
  • I hope to build a variety of sales, HR, marketing, services and finance models in Arithmix
  • In my spare time I am usually outdoors hiking, skiing, golfing, biking, and playing pickleball.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at

I look forward to hearing your feedback about Arithmix!


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Hey all,

I’m Jack, co-founder/CEO of Arithmix, based in the UK (Yorkshire). You can reach me on

What do I want to build? For me, and the reason we kicked it off in the first place, it’s all those number crunching tasks where you’re relegated to working in spreadsheets and dealing with the pain and overhead.
I cut my teeth on that sort of work - analysis, recs, etc at different financial institutions. The wasted time and effort always staggered me - even managed to do myself out of a summer job by automating a bunch of it :smiley: .
Then seeing the same pattern repeated everywhere I worked - get some data, wrestle it into a spreadsheet, do some analysis work, use that to plan, make a call, and action it, maybe as a team. That single pattern underpins so much of what we do on a day to day basis - it’s basically the OS for understanding, for making a decision - so making that super quick and easy opens the door on so many possibilities.

As a result I’m super excited to see what everyone builds with Arithmix, so hit me up if you create something novel! I’ve been importing data from our JIRA and hubspot instances, so as to understand and make data driven decisions around Arithmix, creating more personal ‘todo’ and shared system-of-record type apps, as well as a surf break weather tracker, so I can figure which spot is my best bet for the current conditions.


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Hiho everyone :slight_smile:

  • I’m Robin, Lead designer at Arithmix.
  • Based in Bristol, UK - I love working on making Arithmix easy and initiative to use.

Looking forward to meeting some of you. If you have any feedback or questions about the design of the product, I would love to hear from you.


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Lisa and I live in Houston, Texas.
I am currently a product manager at Sage Intacct where I use all of my previous skills developed in the CFO organization to build new functionality in Intacct - specifically around data import and migration.

I am a previous user of Adaptive Planning - I implemented it at 3 different companies where I was either VP Finance or CFO. I am a huge fan of Adaptive and found Arithmix this week and knew I had to see it since Rob Hull is involved.

I am interested in building databases to analyze customer data before loading into Intacct and know that the dimensionality should be a great tool for this.

Looking forward to learning more!