Receiving a public app link (and copying to your local Arithmix account)

What is it?
Public app links can be posted and shared anywhere. When you see a public app link, you can click the link and then copy the app to your Arithmix account.

Example - Arithmix uses public app links to share templates from our

How do public app links work for the receiver?

  1. By clicking on the public app link (the unique URL for the original shared app) you will open the public app (will requite logging into your Arithmix account if not already there).

  2. The app will be stored into your Home team, and named “Public App Copy”. Once the public app link is opened this is your copy and is no longer public (you could share the app onward with a new public app link).

  3. Work on the new app as you need (as if you’d built the app yourself).

  4. If you re-click the original public app link you will open the latest public app (which may have been updated and improved by the sharer).

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