Release Notes 2023-01-06

Happy new year folks!
We’ve just pushed minor update with a handful of bug fixes, performance improvements and feature changes.

  1. Contents Panel
  • Our contents panel now remembers whether you’ve opened or closed a dimension, measure or table using the twirl down action.
  • Time is now unfurled by default in a new app giving you easy access to the most important dimensions.
  1. Dependency Checking
    We’ve improved the dependency checking when you delete measures, dimensions and tables in your app, so you’re better informed of the consequences of deleting something.

  2. Page Selectors

  • Page selection persists between sessions. We now store your page selection on your machine so that when you come back to an App, you’ll see the same slice of your tables.
  • We’ve added an indicator to show that your page selectors are overflowing at the end of the table. Clicking this indicator takes you to the Display config.

ICYMI There was also an update in December which added the ability to make your apps public, so you can share something cool outside of your team. Thats also how we will make our templates available here. Pubic Apps

We aim to push an update at the end of each two week sprint, so watch this space for more great stuff in 2023!


Happy new year all.

A great first release of the year for Arithmix!

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