Release Notes 2023-02-17

This weeks update includes quality of life improvements and some help for new users, driven by user feedback.

  1. Easy measure visibility control en masse (rather than having to unhide all, or multiple right click menus for mass hiding). Available on the Display panel for ease of use when building and modifying charts and cards.

  2. Splash screen on welcome, and for returning visitors, with a tutorial tour to take you through the basics of building in Arithmix

  3. Improved onboarding help with visuals animations, and additional event driven assistance for specific actions

  4. Improved remove / add dimensions modals, with visual indications of the selected action’s result

A heap of smaller improvements, including:

  • Prevention of duplicate names during dimension rename operations
  • Enabling user deletion of apps in invited teams when sufficient permissions assigned
  • Enabling tour reentry at user discretion
  • Improved to dimension creation and linking flows, for consistency and ease of use
  • Improved page selector modals for add/duplicate
  • Improved cleanup when deleting tables
  • Improved signposting of key buttons and steps

The usual swathe of bug fixes and performance improvements, in particular when scrolling larger, imported, datasets, or when pivoting larger dimensions to the pages axis.

Lots more to come in the next week or two, stay tuned. As always, we love to hear your feedback!




We would be super happy to hear about any feedback you have with the new onboarding splash screen. Did you take the tour? How did you find it?