Release Notes 2023-02-24

I know it has only been a week since our last update, but we love to spoil you, so here’s another update with more feedback driven features and tweaks. If you have ideas and suggestions please post below.

  • Enabled measures to optionally hold data against items at all levels within a hierarchy, rather than just one, based on a hierarchy configuration setting. This enables uses such as a Salary measure dimensioned by an Employees dimension, where every employee gets a salary value, and can also be a summary item into which several other employee’s roll up (ie a manager).

  • Improved handling of ‘ID’ when pivoting to decrease the time and clicks to get to insight. ID is automatically added to tables that aren’t fully dimensionalised, eg. when importing CSV files so as to uniquely identify the rows (similar to the rows header in a spreadsheet). Now when creating a dimension and pivoting to rows or columns, the ID dimension will auto collapse to ‘All ID’ to show you the summary of the data against your newly introduced dimension, saving you an extra, potentially timely, interaction. If you want to see line item level detail for the pivot, simply click the expand toggle next to All ID.
    collapse allid_opt

  • Persistent page selector expand/collapse for hierarchies, meaning you can arrange your hierarchy as desired, and have it retain that between repeated visits, for speed of access to frequently used items.
    persistent page selector_opt

  • Confirmation before deleting apps and teams in the home screen, makes it a little bit more difficult to accidentally delete something.

A heap of smaller improvements including:

  • Enabling markup in user built app tours, see Markdown Reference for syntax.
  • Enabling default values for date type measures.
  • Improved handling of measure scoping, now called availability, for ease of use. Measures can be made global, so that they appear in the global measures section of the contents panel for ease of repeated access, via the Format Measure->More Formatting->Availability drop down.
  • Improved contents panel active table selection expand/collapse logic, to enable you see measures as you add them, whilst not cluttering the contents panel as you navigate around your app.
  • Improved defaults when adding/dragging the Time dimension to measures and tables. Now defaults to adding months, rather than date, to match most frequent user expectation.

Along with the usual swathe of tweaks and bug fixes.