Release Notes 2023-03-06

This weeks release has more usability and feedback driven updates.

  • Present ‘add new’ vs ‘link to existing’ dimension picker when entering values in an empty blue axis to catch users recreating existing dimensions (eg. Time) and give them the option to reuse rather than recreate.

  • Added new drop down when clicking + button at end of dimension axis, allowing the user to not only just add a sibling item, but alternatively to add or show a summary item, reducing the need to use the right click menu or quick action buttons for ‘add summary.’

  • Added ‘Pivot Dimensions To Axis’ option to import dialogue, to reduce clicks when defining table structure up front as part of import process.

  • Added subset dimensionality indicator icon. The presence of this icon on a measure name cell indicates that the measure’s dimensionality differs from that of the table. For example the Opening Balance and RPI measures in the below screenshot both show the icon, as they both have a lower dimensionality to CPI.

A range of smaller improvements including:

  • Extended last week’s release’s ‘store data at all levels in hierarchy’ to automatically set option on when data already exists at items that’re being turned into summarises through drag drop.
  • Enabling summary methods from existing options where relevant for text, date and checkbox measure types.
  • Refined onboarding tooltip help with additional event driven prompts to address common sticking points.
  • And of course the usual swathe of bug fixes and tweaks.
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