Release Notes 2023-03-16

Usability release focussed around hierarchies. User built hierarchies now offer:

  • Custom named levels, available by double clicking on the in grid level handle, or the level name in the contents panel.

  • Reusable levels which can be used to dimensionalise measures at different levels within the hierarchy. Simply drag and drop the level from the contents panel onto a table, or use the ‘Add Dimension’ option inside a measures Summarise panel, to associate the desired level with a measure.

  • Levels which can be referenced inside of calculations, for example to roll up a hierarchy to a specific level.

  • Some hierarchies require data at all levels, for example an organisation hierarchy where you want data for all members of you organisation, you can turn this on in the display settings and it will apply everywhere you use that hierarchy.

As well as over 50 tweaks, minor improvements and bug fixes.