Sharing public app links (sharing a copy of your app outside of your Arithmix account)

What is it?
Public app links can be posted and shared anywhere. If you have an app you’d like to share with the community (or the world!) use public app links. When a user clicks the public app link the receive a copy of the app.

What is it not?
Public app links are not for sharing live apps with your users and teams who you want to collaborate with. For sharing the app within your team, you will still use invite to team (email). Invited members are known and have the appropriate permissions set by you.

How do public app links work for the sharer?

  1. In your Home, find the app to be shared and select Share. Use the make public button to publish the app. The unique URL may be copied, posted and shared anywhere. You can reuse it.

  2. Apps shared using public app links will have the public icon displayed in Home and in the app header (next to the app name).

  3. If you update the original app you will use the same URL (there is no need to reshare, the public app link will always be live, using the latest update so be careful during version updates to apps and consider using a new app and fresh public app link).

  4. When someone clicks on the URL they are redirected to Arithmix (and may have to sign up if not already an Arithmix user) and a copy of the app will open. The app is then theirs and acts as if they built it themselves).

  5. If you delete the app, the URL will no longer work (the app is no longer public).

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