Working with the Time Dimension

Hi all,

I wanted to share some tips about working with the time dimension.

The time dimension in Arithmix is made up of multiple levels in a hierarchical relationship. It’s made up of ‘Date’ - a list of dates, months, quarters and year. Each level is related.

When you first add time to a table you will see something similar to this:

The default ‘display setting’ for the time dimension in Arithmix is years and months. To alter this you can pop up the display panel (right click, display) and choose which level you want to display

Configuring time
In each Arithmix Project we have a dashboard called ‘Configure’ - here you can find some options about time. You can change the range of the time dimension - by default we set it to the current year.

You can also configure which levels of the time show in the app by ticking the options you want e.g., ‘weeks’ or ‘month index’